[Pybots] View just a subset of the build slaves?

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Mon Oct 23 20:44:45 PDT 2006

--- skip at pobox.com wrote:

>     Sanghyeon> 2006/10/24, Grig Gheorghiu <grig at gheorghiu.net>:
>     >> I'm not an IRC guru. I know Sanghyeon was thinking about
> creating an
>     >> IRC channel for Pybots at some point.
>     Sanghyeon> It is already set up.
>     Sanghyeon> Server: irc.freenode.net:6667
>     Sanghyeon> Channel: #pybots
> I suppose that's interesting, but how does that help me restrict my
> view to
> just the buildbots I'm interested in?  As the number of buildslaves
> and the
> Python apps they build for increase, the display is going to keep
> getting
> wider and wider.  There are currently 24 active buildslave/project
> combinations.  I manage two of them.  Sorry to be selfish, but those
> are
> really the only two I'm interested in monitoring closely, certainly
> for the
> time being as I struggle to get things working properly.
> Skip


I agree with you that this is already a problem. I'm investigating ways
to restrict the view to subsets of slaves. I sent out a message to the
buildbot-devel list, and in the mean time I'll modify the buildmaster
config file to add both IRC notifications and a PBListener that will
allow a GUI client to connect to the master and request details about a
specific builder.


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