[Pybots] View just a subset of the build slaves?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon Oct 23 20:13:54 PDT 2006

    Sanghyeon> 2006/10/24, Grig Gheorghiu <grig at gheorghiu.net>:
    >> I'm not an IRC guru. I know Sanghyeon was thinking about creating an
    >> IRC channel for Pybots at some point.

    Sanghyeon> It is already set up.

    Sanghyeon> Server: irc.freenode.net:6667
    Sanghyeon> Channel: #pybots

I suppose that's interesting, but how does that help me restrict my view to
just the buildbots I'm interested in?  As the number of buildslaves and the
Python apps they build for increase, the display is going to keep getting
wider and wider.  There are currently 24 active buildslave/project
combinations.  I manage two of them.  Sorry to be selfish, but those are
really the only two I'm interested in monitoring closely, certainly for the
time being as I struggle to get things working properly.


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