[Pybots] Builder for Django?

Matthew Flanagan mattimustang at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 23:38:46 PDT 2006


On 11/10/06, Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2006/10/11, Matthew Flanagan <mattimustang at gmail.com>:
> > I'm also tossing up whether to use an existing slave or
> > to run it on my own Solaris 10 slave that other projects can use as
> > well.
> Since Pybots currently have no Solaris slave, it would be nice to have one.

I've got the run_tests.py written and working for this now on Solaris
10. I just need to build a server to put out on our DMZ to run it on.
Which ports do I need to allow in & out through my firewall?

> --
> Seo Sanghyeon

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