[cheesecake-users] output question

Michał Kwiatkowski constant.beta at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 11:49:46 PDT 2006

On 7/22/06, will guaraldi <willg at bluesock.org> wrote:
> I found some time to tinker with the code and attached a patch that
> changes the behavior to something more like what I was hoping for.

I don't like the way random messages get mess up along the lines of
actual score. IndexRequiredFiles may be the first but imagine how the
output would look when other 2+ indexes would add their own verbose
information to the output. That's the reason I initially put that
information on the end, below the score. What are the benefits of
having info just below initial score, in the middle of results?

> I changed it so that advice (though I'm not sure that's the word that we
> should use--I think I'm now using it less like advice and more like, "oh,
> by the way--this is the verbose explanation of what I'm thinking while I'm
> calculating the score for this index" which I think is more in line with
> "verbose") is printed along with the index it relates to.

I've changed "advice" to "info", what should be more descriptive.

> Then there was a minor issue in the existing advice for the
> files/directories index.  _used_rules gets reset when you call
> _compute_from_rules.  The problem there being that at the point we figured
> out the advice from the missing files and directories, _used_rules only
> had the used directories.  So I adjusted the order of things in the
> compute method so that we capture used files and used directories.

Thanks for spotting that! I've fixed the bug but kept the information
at the end for now.

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