[cheesecake-users] output question

will guaraldi willg at bluesock.org
Fri Jul 21 17:50:50 PDT 2006

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006, Micha? Kwiatkowski wrote:
> Added in revision 100. :-) Now verbose flag enables additional messages, 
> which includes information Will asked for.
> Cheers,
> mk

Hrm...  It doesn't seem right.  PyBlosxom has INSTALL, CHANGELOG, TODO, 
and README but cheesecake_index prints out:

Package don't have important file: install/install.html/install.txt.
Package don't have critical file: 
Package don't have important file: 
Package don't have file: news/news.html/news.txt.
Package don't have file: todo/todo.html/todo.txt.
Package don't have file: authors/authors.html/authors.txt.
Package don't have critical file: readme/readme.html/readme.txt.
Package don't have file: thanks/thanks.html/thanks.txt.
Package don't have file: faq/faq.html/faq.txt.
Package don't have directory: example/examples.
Package don't have directory: demo.

I think it's getting calculated wrong.  I don't have time to look into it 
now, but I can look into it later tomorrow.

Also, I think I'm more interested in cheesecake telling me at the point 
it's checking for the file so that the relationship between my missing 
files, which files i'm missing, which are critical, and what scores it's 
affecting is all clearer.  To be honest, I kind of like the way it's 
displayed in the sample output on the Cheesecake wiki.


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