[cheesecake-users] pylint curiousness

will guaraldi willg at bluesock.org
Mon Jul 10 17:09:23 PDT 2006

PyBlosxom has a package hierarchy like this:

       - cache/
       - entries/
       - renderers/

Modules in the "entries" directory import modules in the "Pyblosxom" 
directory.  So, for example, there's a module "entryshelve" in entries and 
a module "tools" in Pyblosxom and entryshelve imports tools like this:

    from Pyblosxom import tools

This works fine when running pylint all by itself on the entire Pyblosxom 
package but I see massive penalties on individual files when run in 
cheesecake because cheesecake runs pylint on individual files.  This is 
hidden by the fact that cheesecake ignores negative pylint scores.

I did some poking around in pylint to see if I could add to the sys.path 
or something like that through the command-line arguments, but nothing 
jumped out at me.

For PyBlosxom, the pylint average changes from 8.21 (running pylint 
standalone) to 7.16 (pylint from cheesecake).  My issue is that the files 
that have this sort of importing don't get reflected in the KWALITEE 
score, but they should be.

Any thoughts on how that behavior could get changed/fixed?


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